Middlewich facility – manufacturing of concrete blocks

Our 11,000 sq m production facility at Middlewich, south of Manchester, is a highly efficient facility used for the manufacturing of our concrete aggregate block products.

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Aggregate blocks first reared their heads in the second half of the nineteenth century and were used in the construction of many projects including public buildings, houses even railway viaducts.

Our original forebear, Cheshire Concrete Products Ltd came relatively late to the party, in fact the best part of a century late, when in the 1950’s the company set up a brickwork/blockworks alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal on the site of what had previously been the blacksmiths forge in the small Cheshire Village of Wheelock where they manufactured bricks and blocks, at first under their own stewardship and then under the auspices of the Ensor Group until the mid-1990’s.

It was at this time, just as the Wheelock Bypass opened, that an interest was shown in the plant by the Cheshire construction company Pochins.  A subsequent decision was made to add the blockworks to their portfolio and Pochins duly purchased the company in 1996 moving it some 8 miles west to its current site on the Brooks Lane Industrial Estate in Middlewich where it traded as a division of the mother company.  Investment in a modern plant followed and the plant supplied many of the major construction projects that the parent company undertook.

Times, requirements, focus all change over a period of time and in 2005 Pochins decided to relinquish their control of the plant which culminated in a December management buyout.

No sooner had the new owners entered in on their journey when in 2007 the global recession arrived but due to hard work and the team that they had put around them they continued to excel in what was becoming an ever competitive marketplace.

Today the company, now owned by SigmaRoc PLC, continues to manufacture at its Middlewich facility and provides concrete blocks that service projects all over the country, building on its ethos of superior product and timely supply.

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