Carbon-negative concrete blocks

Carbon-negative concrete blocks

We have recently been undertaking trials using our Greenbloc Technology and Carbon8’s CircaBuild aggregate which have resulted in the production of cement-free carbon-negative concrete blocks.

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Cement-free carbon-negative concrete blocks

Ian St Hillaire (pictured right), Technology & Innovation Director for SigmaRoc UK, CCP’s parent group, explains “We set about producing trial samples of concrete blocks at site production scale to push the boundaries of possible. This led to some exciting developments in our Greenbloc technology using Carbon8 carbon-negative aggregate. Combining the alternative aggregate with cement-free technology in the right proportions, allows us to successfully produce a concrete block that is not only ultra-low in carbon embodiment but is actually carbon negative”.

Maarten van Roon, Chief Commercial Officer at Carbon8, stated “we are hugely excited about these promising initial results demonstrating that cement-free carbon negative blocks can be manufactured using Carbon8’s CircaBuild aggregate. It demonstrates our commitment to collaborating and co-creating with industry, our clients and the wider market to provide low carbon products to industry, with our CCUS solution.”

What is CircaBuild?

CircaBuild are low-carbon and carbon-negative alternatives to virgin lightweight aggregates resulting from Carbon8’s carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) solution. The technology solution offers industrial clients, including cement and EfW plants, a means to decarbonise by capturing a portion of their CO2 and combining it with the ash and residues produced on their site. The CO2 is permanently and safely stored within the new material, in solid mineral form, contributing to the decarbonisation of industry, and providing an alternative to virgin materials in the construction industry. Carbon8 is currently working with partners to develop trials for the use of the material in construction applications, including concrete blocks. Other applications that are being tested include as fertiliser product.

Carbon8’s technology can capture and store more CO2 in CircaBuild aggregates, than emitted in the process, making them low-carbon and carbon negative.

Low-carbon and carbon-negative alternatives to virgin aggregates

CircaBuild aggregates are low-carbon and carbon-negative alternatives to virgin aggregates. They are manufactured using Carbon8’s patented technology, Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), which mineralises and carbonates industrial residues. These residues and ash, resulting from the incineration processes at industrial sites, contain oxides, hydroxides and silicates, which are reactive to CO2. ACT controls, manages and accelerates this natural reaction to manufacture new products using CO2 and residues produced by heavy industry.

The CO2 is permanently stored in solid mineral form and is not re-emitted after the demolition of the concrete block.

Next stage of trials

Tim Capey, General Manager of CCP Buildings Products explains that “Ian and his team will be full steam ahead to next upscale the plant trials and then formally produce supporting EPDs to not only establish the product as fit for purpose but also to prove the carbon negative claims”.

Maarten states that “we will continue working with partners like CCP Building Products, to demonstrate the use of the aggregate in construction applications.”