Washed limestone aggregates in the North West of England & Wales

Our new wash plant allows us to produce high quality premium aggregates in large volumes for even the largest of contracts.

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10mm Limestone Aggregate

10mm Limestone Aggregate

Our limestone aggregates are widely used in construction and by the building trade primarily as a concrete aggregate but also as a popular drainage material where it provides a level foundation for underground pipes. It is also used for topping off over sites.

20mm Limestone Aggregate

20mm Limestone Aggregate

Our limestone aggregates are available in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm grades and are ideal for use as a drainage material.

40mm Limestone Aggregate

40mm Limestone Aggregate

Our 40mm aggregate is available in bulk and is the ideal sub-base material.

Consider the benefits of washed aggregates

One of the main benefits of using washed aggregates is that it brings confidence of a better quality material, compared to other non-washed equivalents. The strict control measures of the wash plant ensure that all washed aggregates meet the highest standards so construction professionals are rewarded with a reliable, more consistent material which meets quality specifications and performs as expected.

If you frequently work on landscaping and paving projects, you will know that effective drainage is crucial in construction projects. With their large grain size and low silt and clay content, washed aggregates provide excellent drainage properties making them well-suited for lawn care, landscaping and laying paving courses. Unlike non-draining sands, washed aggregates prevent water permeation and excessive moisture absorption, ensuring optimal conditions for the surrounding environment.

Washed aggregates are a cost effective solution for construction projects and are available from stock at CCP, ensuring a consistent supply to meet your projects requirements.

Delivered within a 60 mile radius of Aberdo

All of the aggregates we supply from our Aberdo quarry are supplied in bulk and can be delivered within a 60 mile radius of Aberdo. Delivered in 20 or 30 ton load wagons.

We frequently deliver to Lancaster, Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stoke on Trent, Wrexham, Uttoxeter, Bridgnorth, Bangor, Stafford, Shrewsbury and all areas in between.

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