Lightweight coursing bricks

Lightweight coursing bricks

CCP lightweight coursing bricks are designed to be used in all types of construction in conjunction with lightweight aggregate blocks.

For lightweight bricks, the specially selected aggregates used in the manufacturing process provide density, strength and thermal conductivity values which are comparable with the majority of lightweight aggregate blocks with a density range of 1000 – 1500kg/m3. This product is sold low carbon as standard - up to an 50% carbon reduction compared with using OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement).

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Sustainable aggregates

Sustainable aggregates

Lightweight coursing bricks, blocks and concrete commons are produced using responsibly sourced and sustainable high-quality sands and aggregates.

British standards

British standards

Compliance with EN1996-1 Group 1 Manufacturing Standard BS EN 771-3:2011

A1 fire rated

A1 fire rated

These blocks have a Class A1 rating, indicating that they are incombustible and do not contribute to fire.


Low carbon

Our concrete blocks are produced with Greenbloc standard offering you carbon savings of up to 50% at no additional cost. All Greenbloc products perform to the same specification, performance, quality and aesthetic characteristics as 100% cement versions.
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Greenbloc Standard
up to 50% carbon saving

Our concrete blocks are produced with Greenbloc standard

Greenbloc Premium
up to 70% carbon saving

up to 70% carbon saving

Greenbloc Ultra
up to 80% carbon saving

The Greenbloc Ultra product is manufactured without cement giving the lowest embodied CO2 option.

Good quality coursing bricks

Good quality coursing bricks age harden and lightweight coursing bricks with an average compressive strength of 11N/mm2 require protection from long term freeze-thaw cycles. Lightweight bricks should only be used on inner leafs and be protected from prolonged frost or snow.

The bricks, which are solid, are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011.

Available in sizes 100x65x215mm and 140x65x440mm.

Supplying builders merchants & large construction projects

As a UK manufacturer and supplier of concrete blocks and limestone aggregates, we can deliver concrete products to builder’s merchants and the trade throughout North Wales and the North-west of England.

Whether you require concrete blocks and aggregates for a large scale development project or just to maintain stock levels in your yard, we can offer competitive pricing and high-quality concrete products.