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Why builders are switching to Greenbloc

Posted on: April 9th 2024    •    Posted in: Greenbloc, Uncategorised

For an average 3-bed house, switching to Greenbloc Ultra concrete blocks would be the equivalent of offsetting the electricity emissions of that house for nearly 4 years*. When you then multiply this up over a whole housing development you can see the potential carbon savings can be substantial.

As a major manufacturer with factories in the North West and Wales we have been leading the way in low-carbon concrete blocks.

Since launching Greenbloc in 2021 the uptake by builders, builders merchants and groundworkers has been impressive. Greenbloc Ultra offers the highest amount of savings of up to 80% reductions in carbon embodiment compared with a traditional OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) block and is just part of the range of products CCP offer to the trade.

Greenbloc supports sustainable building practices

Our manufacturing process and innovative technology significantly reduces the embodied carbon of our blocks, allowing builders who use them to contribute positively to environmental sustainability. The blocks look exactly the same, perform the same, and, in the case of the Greenbloc standard, cost the same as a traditional block but with the major advantage of being lower in carbon by up to 50%.

We’ve pioneered advanced manufacturing techniques to create a concrete block with an unprecedented low carbon footprint, setting a new standard for eco-friendly construction materials.
By choosing Greenbloc, builders can align with the global shift towards sustainable building practices, demonstrating a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of construction activities.

Low carbon concrete blocks are the way forward

Homeowners and tenants increasingly value environmentally friendly living spaces. By incorporating our low-carbon concrete blocks into their projects, builders give themselves a competitive edge and enhance customer satisfaction. Builders who use Greenbloc differentiate themselves as forward-thinking, leveraging innovative technology to address environmental challenges and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

The building trade also benefits from a transparent supply chain, ensuring the ethical sourcing of materials and promoting responsible manufacturing practices throughout the production process. We have independent EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations) to confirm the carbon savings we are able to achieve and to provide an additional layer of confidence to our customers in what they are purchasing.

Builders pursuing environmentally friendly building projects, which is clearly the way the market is going, also give themselves an edge when it comes to marketing their developments.

Despite their eco-friendly composition, our blocks maintain the same high level of durability and structural integrity as traditional concrete blocks, ensuring long-lasting performance in construction applications.

Cost-effective concrete blocks

Builders can achieve their project objectives within budget constraints, as our low-carbon concrete blocks are competitively priced compared to conventional alternatives, offering exceptional value without compromising quality.

Working in collaboration with our customers

At CCP, we work with building trade and industry stakeholders to promote sustainable construction practices and are able to offer support, expertise, and resources to facilitate the successful integration of our low-carbon concrete blocks into projects.

By choosing our blocks, builders contribute to a positive environmental legacy, leaving a lasting impact on future generations by reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development in the built environment.

In 2023 CCP took a major decision to change our mix and switch the production of all of our blocks to low carbon as standard. This was partly driven by the demand for Greenbloc, but also as a way of removing any obstacle for the uptake of low carbon technology. Our standard range of blocks are sold at exactly the same price as a conventional block, but are lower in embodied carbon.

Greenbloc standard offers carbon savings of up to 50% for no extra cost but for customers who are looking for even greater carbon reductions Greenbloc Premium and Greenbloc Ultra are available for a small premium.

CCP supply builders merchants throughout the North West and North Wales . Ask your local merchant for Greenbloc and reduce your carbon footprint, one block at a time.

For further information visit www.ccp.ltd or call 01978 600801(ccp@ccp.ltd)

*Data from UK Power https://www.ukpower.co.uk/home_energy/average-household-gas-and-electricity-usage