New state-of-the-art aggregate wash plant proving it’s worth

Posted on: September 19th 2023    •    Posted in: Aggregates

With increasing demand for concrete sand and premium aggregates in Wales and the Northwest of England, we have installed a brand new wash plant at our Aberdo quarry. Using Terex engineered washing technology, the plant doubles the output from our quarry operation, working alongside our current crushing process.

The wash plant, which was commissioned in May 2023, allows us to produce high quality premium limestone aggregates in 10mm, 20mm, 40mm and 4/20mm sizes. The wash process also produces a quality manufactured 0/4mm limestone sand that can be used in concrete production.

From render and floor screeds to concrete materials and paving courses, washed aggregates have an array of uses. Their versatility, high quality, strength and workability make them ideal for all kinds of projects and uses, including the production of concrete, asphalt, drainage and landscaping projects to name just a few.

Washed aggregates undergo a specialised process to remove impurities, such as clay, silt, dust and other unwanted particles, which can have a negative impact on the strength and workability of concrete, one of their key uses. The wash process also eliminates sulphate and chloride to meet the specifications for the British standard of sand used in concrete. By ensuring cleanliness and adhering to quality standards, washed aggregates provide numerous advantages over non-washed alternatives.

Advantages of washed aggregates

One of the main benefits of using washed aggregates is that it brings confidence of a better quality material, compared to other non-washed equivalents. The strict control measures of the wash plant ensure that all washed aggregates meet the highest standards so construction professionals are rewarded with a reliable, more consistent material which meets quality specifications and performs as expected.

If you frequently work on landscaping and paving projects, you will know that effective drainage is crucial in construction projects. With their large grain size and low silt and clay content, washed aggregates provide excellent drainage properties making them well-suited for lawn care, landscaping and laying paving courses. Unlike non-draining sands, washed aggregates prevent water permeation and excessive moisture absorption, ensuring optimal conditions for the surrounding environment.

Washed aggregates are a cost effective solution for construction projects and are available from stock at CCP , ensuring a consistent supply to meet your projects requirements.

How are washed aggregates produced?

The process of aggregate washing involves several stages, each playing a crucial role in achieving clean and high-quality products.

1. Feeding and pre-Screening

The raw material is fed into a hopper or conveyor belt that leads to the wash plant. The material goes through a pre-screening process which helps remove oversized rocks and debris, improving the overall efficiency of the washing plant.

2. Washing and classification

Once the material has been pre-screened, it enters the washing and classification stage. Wash equipment (log washers), is used to remove clay, silt and other impurities from the material. Water is used in this process to help separate unwanted materials from the sand and gravel.

Classification is an important part of the wash process, as it separates the material into different sizes. Various methods, including vibrating screens or cyclones, are used to classify the aggregates based on their size making sure the final products meet the required specifications.

3. Dewatering and stockpiling

After washing and classification, the clean sand and aggregates go through the dewatering stage. This removes excess moisture from the material and is achieved with specialised screens and cyclones which prepares the material for storage or further processing. The clean sand and aggregate products are then stored in designated areas, ready for use in construction projects.

Our new hi-tech wash plant at Aberdo quarry has, without doubt, improved the efficiency of our operation allowing us to increase our output and produce high quality, consistent washed aggregates for even the largest of contracts.

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