Expanded Greenbloc range

The best just got better! – CCP enhance the fabric and sustainability of British construction with expanded Greenbloc range

Posted on: May 23rd 2023    •    Posted in: Greenbloc

Following extensive customer feedback and internal product development, CCP Building Products, the SigmaRoc owned precast concrete manufacturer, has expanded on being the UK’s first Cement Free Ultra-low Carbon Concrete Building Block.  Now utilising their Greenbloc technology across their complete product portfolio, their range of concrete block and brick provide the specifier maximum choice dependent on the desired carbon saving of any given project.

In the true spirit of the SigmaRoc 4i`s model CCP challenged themselves to invest, improve, integrate and innovate their already well received ultra low carbon product offer.  Beginning May 2023, the Greenbloc range will excitingly be available in three tiers of carbon saving with the launch of Greenbloc Standard, Premium and Ultra variants.

Manufactured to BSEN 771-3 and providing the same quality, compressive strength and durability as traditional concrete blocks each variant of Greenbloc will provide increasing original Portland cement (OPC) substitution and therefore ever increasing benefit of lower embodied CO2 (‘CO2e’).  As standard, customers have benefitted from product with 30% OPC substituted since the beginning of 2022 and this has now been increased to 50% at no extra cost to the customer.  The Premium and Ultra variants will provide 80% and 100% OPC substitution respectively.

Greenbloc Ultra is completely cement free, making it unique in the UK market and provides on average a significant net reduction in eCO2 of 77% per concrete block, resulting in the following specific decreases:

  • an average reduction of 1.1kg of eCO2 per concrete block;
  • an average reduction of 2.7 tonnes of eCO2 per average semi-detached house;
  • these average reductions are equivalent to the CO2 emitted by an average household’s electricity consumption for four years.

Phil Rotheram, GM of CCP commented, “Our Greenbloc range and brand is the brainchild of our innovation and technical teams. It addresses a key challenge in the building products industry, the embodied CO2 in one of the most widely used building materials: the concrete block. The expansion of our Greenbloc range continues our commitment to sustainable alternatives to our product offering as we fully commit to the challenges of removing embodied carbon from the built environment.”