Launch of UK’s first cement free ultra-low Carbon concrete building block

Posted on: February 11th 2021    •    Posted in: Greenbloc

SigmaRoc, the AIM quoted buy-and-build construction materials group, is pleased to announce the launch of the UK’s first Cement Free Ultra-low Carbon Concrete Building Block under a new brand, Greenbloc. Concrete blocks are used extensively in the construction of real estate and infrastructure across all sectors. SigmaRoc’s new Greenbloc range materially reduces the carbon footprint of these blocks when compared to a traditional product.

Greenbloc is completely cement free, making it unique in the UK market and provides on average a significant net reduction in embodied CO2 (‘eCO2’) of 77% per concrete block, resulting in the following specific decreases:

  • an average reduction of 1.1kg of eCO2 per concrete block;
  • an average reduction of 2.7 tonnes of eCO2 per average semi-detached house;
  • these average reductions are equivalent to the CO2 emitted by an average household’s electricity consumption for four years.

The product is produced by SigmaRoc’s PPG platform at its various production facilities. Following extensive research and development and initial trials throughout 2020, the product has been well received by the market with strong interest from several leading national building materials merchants. Further sizes and specifications of concrete building blocks will be released over the next weeks and months, extending the Greenbloc range.

SigmaRoc is committed to enhancing sustainability and reducing environmental impact in the construction sector and will continue to develop its sustainable product range with the aim to offer a low-carbon alternative to each of the concrete products it manufactures. As more products pass the testing and trialling phase, we will update the market on their specifications and commercial potential.

Max Vermorken, CEO of SigmaRoc, commented:

“Our Greenbloc range and brand is the brainchild of our innovation and technical teams. It addresses a key challenge in the building products industry, the embodied CO2 in one of the most widely used building materials: the concrete block. Greenbloc is only the start of a range of sustainable alternatives to our product offering as we Invest, Improve, Integrate and Innovate.”

Michael Roddy, Managing Director of SigmaRoc’s Precast Products Group (‘PPG’), commented:

“Lowering embodied carbon is a key challenge in the building materials industry. The PPG platform, which includes key innovator, Poundfield Precast, and leading block manufacturer, CCP, is well placed to drive progress in this field. With Greenbloc we launch a new product line as we aim to have a low carbon alternative for every concrete product we produce.”

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