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All blocks from CCP are low carbon as standard. Same performance, same cost, lower carbon footprint.

As a major precast concrete manufacturer we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint and this is now our major driver within the business. Our Greenbloc range of low or ultra-low carbon concrete blocks offer significant carbon savings compared with using OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement). Our Greenbloc technology is based on reducing cement which is the key material in concrete that contributes the highest amount of carbon. We replace the cement with low and ultra-low carbon cement alternative materials that can be manipulated to perform in the same way as cement.

All Greenbloc products perform to the same specification, performance, quality and aesthetic characteristics as 100% cement versions. Since 2023 all our concrete blocks use our Greenbloc technology as standard offering you carbon savings of up to 50% at no additional cost.

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